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Wehr | 2010

video | 11:47 min

For a moment an old woman allows us a glance into her world.
From the images we can conclude that she is living in a retirement home. We can only see a mauve coloured blouse and her soft old hands that gesticulate, that touch and set in order the objects she has collected. In search of her "Wehr", she sorts her precious finds with great tranquillity. There are little things such as a shoelace, old bottles of spirits, fixing pins, coloured ribbons etc. They all have in common that we usually don't pay attention to them, that we consider them as worthless rubbish, but in her world they are important.
She tries to explain different things, that seem to be related to these objects. We cannot understand them, because her language is not comprehensive to us. Sometimes we catch a word or part of sentence, but then again we realize that we cannot follow. She is alone in her world of objects and we are not able to join her.