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About Flying | 2013

ceramics, wood, fabric
320 x 130 x 120 cm

"Vom Fliegen" is an organic, but unfamiliar form. The ceramic sculpture asserts itself in the space due to its particular aspect. It surprises, because it is strange and condenses two components of the work by Anna-Lena Tsutsui, the comical and the tragical. Transfixed, uneasy and disturbing, but also caricatural and amusing, because raffish, this orange being is an allegory of the living condition in the city. Disabled and somehow interrupted, "Vom Fliegen" recalls Tsutsuiā€™s piece "The Balcony", realized in 2011: The vigor of life is banned by an external presence that prohibits a full expansion. If this aspect has already been introduced by works such as "Another Balcony 1" and "Another Balcony 2", "Vom Fliegen" develops the concept to a greater extent. The sculpture has an organic, soft form. Its weight of 30 kg as well as its dimensions recall a physical configuration. Beyond its formal aspect, for which the piece is actually disjoined, the sculpture expresses a deeper uncertainty and instability. Its arduous situation provokes an almost existential, human, malaise. As an unfinished act, it hangs in the space. "Vom Fliegen underlines the tragicomic aspect of this human reality."

Bianca Bozzeda, 2013