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Shibuya Street Snap | 2008

video | 04:50 min

Amateur and semi-professional models were filmed during a fashion shooting for a teen magazine that took place in the streets of Shibuya (Tokyo). The girls had been pre-casted and were wearing their own clothes.
In order to look good in the pictures, the girls set themselves up for the scene. However, they appear very insecure, so that, while watching the video take, one can see her reflected emotions.As opposed to their look on the high gloss pictures in the magazine, these models, who usually seem perfect and unattainable there, are now perceived by the observer as models who are not unattainable, but humane with their hopes, expectations and fears. At the same time the videos have a tragic aspect.

The projection has two parts: on the left, one can see the whole girl acting while the right side shows a close-up view. Both are in high format to attain a formal similarity to the photographs.