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Primarily dogs and cats. | 2010

video-installation + booklets
video-loop 20:00 min, HD, ca. 1,5 x 5 m | booklets ca. DIN A6

◘ video   ◘ booklet   

An endless row of little graves passes by very slowly. They have the size of children's graves and they are carefully decorated with flowers, small memorial tablets, toys or photographies. Watching more closely one can see that these are actually the graves of pets.
Furthermore you will find small booklets in which on every double page one short text is written. These sentences have been said by visitors of the cemetery about their relationship to their burried pets, the cemetery or animals in a more general sense.
At this site no difference is made between human beings and pets. The animal is as an equal member of the family or becomes its substitue. While being tragic, the situation becomes often absurd. At the same time the endless row of little graves refers to the fact that today in our society many people need such relations.