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The Sphere | 2013

video installation | 6 videos (loops)

The sphere is an absurd object. Made of concrete it offers a living space as well as protection for the flowers that emerge from it. However, at the moment it starts to roll, it squashes what it has been sheltering. While crushing the plants, the sphere itself almost seems to be alive, because of its uncontrollable and autonomous movement.
All places where the sphere appears are places where natural resources are being exploited or stored right afterwards. The structures, that are necessary to make the exploitation as efficient as possible come to the fore. Metal and concrete are especially being used to create these structures today, because they are very efficient construction materials. Concrete is a low-priced artificial detrital rock, that can be casted in any form, that hardens quickly and that makes it nearly impossible for plants and mushrooms to grow. The sphere is also made of concrete, casted in an ideal form, which stands for infinity, wholeness, the earth, the cosmos and the microcosmos. The sphere and the circle are omnipresent in this work. The presentation with six projections orbits the spectator visually and acoustically: The viewer needs to go in circles to watch all the videos. Because of the infinite loops of each video the actions are also creating circles. What has been set in motion continues turning ; a stop seems to be impossible. The stamping, scraping, rustling and clicking sounds accumulate to a unpleasant rhythm, that resembles a running machine.
The hopelessness of the destruction and uncontrollable action refers to the feeling of helplessness regarding our economic system where a slowdown of exploitation seems to be impossible, even though everybody knows about the destructive force due to exhaustive exploitation. The absurdity and the tragedy of this situation is reflected through the sphere.