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Concrete Structure | 2013

ceramics, concrete
60 x 60 x 60 cm

If "Vom Fliegen" finally elucidates the human range, then "Concrete Structure 1" develops this point definitively. If, from a formal point of view, this piece differs from the other pieces, it nonetheless represents the conceptual climax. The structure is made of concrete, a material that the artist criticizes, but to which she is attached by fascination and an expressive need. Here it becomes the scenario in which figures walk around. Without the possibility to escape or to advance, these introduced characters evoke a sort of procession without exit. Made of ceramics, the figurines are encased in an imposing architecture, even though just initiated. In accordance with the allegorical approach of the pieces by Tsutsui, the characters are not explicitly anthropomorphic: They still do evoke a certain morphology, a posture that makes us perceive them as humans. After all, it is natural to project oneself into the scene and to feel with these creatures that are caught in an absurd physical or mental enclosure. The link to the installation "Baby Dolls" becomes evident: As a mutilation of the natural – be it human, animal or vegetal – the bordering is always wrong.

Bianca Bozzeda, 2013