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Cocoricooo! | 2011

sound-installation | Pont des Arts, Paris
2 speakers and players

The rooster crow is pronounced by 25 people from different countries, in their own language.
For 10 days, between 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning, these sounds were set up on the right and left side in the middle of the "Pont des Arts", Paris, France.

The bridge is situated in the center of Paris and connects the first and the sixth arrondissement, which are among the most expensive neighbourhoods of Paris. Standing on the bridge you have a wonderful view of the city and 9 French flags.

Since the Roman times, the rooster is a symbol for the gauls. During the French revolution it officially became a national French symbol. Today it isn't anymore, but the French still identify with the male hen. He remains an important symbol for the national identity.